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The Trueverit offer is totally modular: You can buy only the software or the whole bundle.
You can start with a small package of connected devices and then scale; the choice is yours.


The software is sold based on periodic licenses (annual/three-year) and the number of connected devices and/or streams. By sensor or device, we mean the hardware used to collect data; by stream, we mean the single measured data flow.

The price per device/stream varies depending on the number of licenses purchased. Typically, the more licenses purchased, the more efficient the pricing becomes.

To the partners, we recognize a discount based on the volumes realized. A white-label offer is available.


Trueverit is essentially a software vendor. However, if requested and necessary, we have engineered some types of hardware ready to interface with Trueverit in plug and play mode. Hardware pricing is based on an official price list. Contact us for more information.


We leave it up to our partners to design the activities of the applications, any customizations, and the integrations that an Industrial IoT project typically requires. We provide professional service work when high-level consultancy, typically architectural support, is required. Advisory is available for a package fee.


For our partners and large IoT teams, we offer on-site training sessions, both oriented to your technical and sales teams. We also offer certification exams to ensure our partners’ technicians have recognized skills

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