According to Global Wind Energy Outlook 2014, every 30 minutes it comes into operation  in a wind turbine in the world and within 2030 the  installed wind power could increase by seven times, coming to cover a fifth of the world electricity’s question.

TRUEVERIT is an ideal solution for the supervision of wind farms, in fact, it is able to provide information in real time on the correct operation of the farms and the swirl.

With TRUEVERIT it can be monitoring environmental parameters, mechanical data (like temperatures and vibrations), state of the electricity network,  signification variables of the turbines thanks to the wide range of capable sensors of the systems interface.

TRUEVERIT allows to have a continuous supervision about the plant thanks to the possibility to get report and analysis of the turbine performace, of his hourly and daily chances  , wind speed, immediate power, energy produced and of any other data that you want to operate.

The intelligence of the solution allows to prevent failures and breakdowns that they lead
unavailability of plants thanks to the alarming  system is able to warm immediately in case of overcoming of the set various thresholds (ex. For external wind, on the plant network failures, overcoming generated power, etc.)

TRUEVERIT is ideal for:

  • Maximize the production of wind power and make performance plant;
  • Identify anomalies and waste so as to reduce the total costs;
  • Optimize preventative maintenance;
  • Check in real time the plant state and controller the usury for avoid losses of efficiency;